Date:                          11/12/2016

Location:                  Cape Schanck CC

Competition:            ROYCE GOTT Memorial Ambrose

Winners:                   Mike Burton

                                    Ross Anderson

                                    Bob Mumford

                                    Ken Smith

Longest Drive:        Ken Smith

Nearest to Pin:        3rd – Jeff Sibbald

                                    4th – Jeff Sibbald

                                    7th – Steve Anson

                                    14th – Ross Anderson

                                    16th – Steve Anson

Date                           13/11/2016

Location                   Eagle Ridge golf course

Date:                          11/9/2016

Location:                  Yering Meadows Golf Club

Competition:            ¼ Finals Club Championships Matchplay

Winners:                   Paul Morgan d Mike Burton 5 & 3

                                    Steve Anson d Ben Smith 3 & 2

                                    Jeff Sibbald d John Phillips 7 & 6

                                    Joe McReady d Bon Mumford 3 & 1

Longest Drive:        9th – John Phillips

Drive & Chip:           15th - Steve Anson

Nearest to Pin:        3rd - “Too Long”

                                    7th – Ben Smith

                                    12th – Ben Smith

                                    16th – Joe McReady

Date                           14/8/2016

Location                   Rosebud CC

Competition:            Third Round Qualifying Club Championships - Stableford

Winner:                     41pts John Phillips

2nd:                            36pts Steve Anson

3rd:                             34pts Paul Morgan

Long Drive:              11 - Steve Anson

Drive&Chip:             10 - Steve Anson

Nearest to Pin:        4: Steve Anson,

7: Rohan Heppanstal,

12: Rowan Heppanstal

14: Paul Morgan

Date                           17/7/2016

Location                   Eagle Ridge golf course

Date                           19/6/2016

Location                   Eagle Ridge golf course

Date                           15/5/2016

Location                   Mt.Martha Golf course

Date                           10/4/2016

Location                   Drouin

Date                           6/3/2016

Location                   Eagle Ridge golf course

Comp Second  round Summer Cup / Stableford

Winner                        Joe the handicapper 39 points

Andrew Rankin          37 points

                                    Steve (Doc) 35 points

N.T.P                          6th  A Rankin ,  8 th Ken smith, 11th Gary 17th Jimmy

Drive and Chip          Joe

Longest drive Steve 


Sunday 14th February 2016, Lang Lang

Comp                    Stableford, Comp  First round Summer Cup / Stableford

                             Bob Mumford 35 points

Jeff Sibbald 33 points

                             Sha 32 points

N.T.P          5th  A Rankin ,  9 th Jeff, 12th Jeff 15th Ross

Drive and Chip      Jeff

Longest drive        Nil

Sunday 17th January 2016, Mt. Martha

Comp                    stableford

Winner                  Rohan the club Champ    42 points

Ross Anderson               40 points

                             Cam Sibbald                   40 points

N.T.P          3rd  A Rankin ,  5 th Bobby, 13rd Joe & 16th Joe

Drive and Chip      8th hole Eagle!!!!!!! Ben Smith

Longest drive        The big hitting Prez, Johnny 

Sunday 13th December 2015, Cape Schank


Winner             Syl, Paul, John, Kempy,  52.88

N.T.P                           3RD, Ben, 4th  Steve, 7th Joe, 14th Steve, 9th Ken Smith, 16th John Colville

Drive and Chip N/A

Longest drive                Ben (AGAIN!)

Sunday 15th November 2015, Sandhurst

Final Club Championships: Champion: Rohan


Winner             Syl 43 points

                                    Gary V 40 point

                                    Jeff 38 points

N.T.P                           3nd  Gary V,  8 th, 13th Ben, 15th Joe

Drive and Chip Ben

Longest drive                Ben

Sunday 18th October 2015, Patterson River

Comp                   last 4 Club Championships

Winner                  Gary 49 points

                             Ben 40 point

                             Charlie 36 points

N.T.P                    2nd Ben, 7th Mark, 12th Sha, 16th Joe

Drive and Chip      Charlie

Longest drive        Gary (49 bloody points) Gosling

Sunday 13th September 2015, Settlers Run

Comp                      First Qualifying

Winner           Ben 35 points

                      Cam 26 point

                      Mark 25 points

N.T.P                      2nd  Gary V ,  8 th Joe, 11th Joe

Drive and Chip:        Rohan,

Longest drive: Big hitting Jeff

Winners of Match play: Steve, Joe, Rohan & Charlie

Sunday 9th August 2015, Sandhurst

Comp                           Stableford

Winner             Rohan 36 points

                                    Bob Mumford 35 points

                                    Gary Victor 35 points

N.T.P                           3rd  Gary V, 8th Joe, 13th Charlie & 15th Steve

Drive and Chip Jeff

Longest drive    Glyn     VIS

Sunday 12th July 2015, Patterson River

Comp                    Stableford

Winner                  Garry Victor 37 points

Syl 36 point

Jeff 35 points

N.T.P                    2nd  Charlie ,  7 th Joe, 12th Garry Gosling 16th Joe

Drive and Chip      Syl,

Longest drive        Steve ( doc )

Sunday 14th June 2015, Long Island Golf Club

Comp                           First round Winter Cup, Stableford

Winner             Gary Gosling 39 points

                                    Bob Mumford 37 points

                                    5 others on  28 points

N.T.P                           3th  Gary Gosling,  9 th Charlie Shaw, 12th Kevin Smith

Drive and Chip Charlie Shaw

Longest drive                Gary Victor

Sunday 17th May 2015, Mt Martha Golf Club

Date                      17/5/2015

Location                Mt Martha golf course

Comp                    Pairs Ambrose

Winner                  Gary & Ross, 61.5 well done boys and what a relief that the handicapper is having a break for a month

N.T.P                    3rd  Ben ,  5 th Spider, 13th Nil 16th Gary

Longest drive        Paul

Sunday 12th April 2015, Drouin Golf Club


Date                      12/3/2015

Location                Drouin  golf course

Comp                    First Qualifying Club Championship Cup

Winner                  Jeff Sibbald                                         38 points                       

Kevin Smith                                            37 point

Gary Victor                                      36 points

N.T.P                    5th  Joe ,  8 th Joe, 10th Spider 14th Bruce

Drive and Chip      Bruce

Longest drive        Steve Anson 


Sunday 15th March 2015, Rosebud Golf Club

Winner                  Gary Gosling                            37 points

Kevin Smith                              35 point

Rohan Hepanstall                      32 points

N.T.P                    4th  Rohan ,  7 th Steve, 11th Bruce 13th Joe

Drive and Chip      Gary Victor

Longest drive        Steve Anson 


Summer Cup Results

Gary and Jeff 132

Kevin and Gary 128

Charlie and Mark 124


Sunday 22nd February 2015, Lang Lang Golf Club


Winner                  Big hitting Spider                      38 points                        

Charlie Shaw & Jeff                               35 point

N.T.P                    5th  Mark ,  9 th Gary, 12th Gary Victor 15th Kevin Smith

Drive and Chip      Spider Burton

Longest drive        Garry Victor 



Sunday 18th January 2015, Mount Martha Golf Club

Comp                    Stableford

Winner                   Steve Anson on countback 41 points

Bob Mumford 41 points

                             Bruce, Kevin, Ross, Gary, all had 37 points                    

N.T.P                    3rd  Steve ,  5 th Charlie, 8th Steve, 13rd Ken 16th Suity

Drive and Chip      Andrew Rankin

Longest drive        The big hitting captain 


Sunday December 2014, Cap Schank


Sunday 16th November 2014, Rosebud CC.

 Comp                   Match Play championship

Winner                  John Colville is this year’s Club champion after a great game with  Steve Anson, game not completed till the last Hole. Well done to both golfers


N.T.P                    John had 1, Steve had the other

Longest drive          Jeff

Sunday 20th October 2014, Patterson River

Comp                    Stableford round

Winner                  Bruce 35 points

Steve Anson 34 points

Bob Mumford33points

N.T.P                    2nd  Steve, 16th Bruce,

Drive and Chip      Joe

Longest drive        Joe


Sunday 14th September 2014, Rosebud Park GC

Comp                    Stableford round

Winner                  John the Pres

Steve Anson         

N.T.P                    3rd  Gary  ,  6 th John, 15th Steve, 17th Ross


Sunday 17th August 2014, Glen Waverley Golf Club


Winner:                       Steve Anson 40 points

Runner Up:                 Ross Anderson 32 points

2nd Runner Up:           Bob Mumford 28 points


N.T.P.:                        3rd Steve Anson

                                    7th Gary Gosling

                                    11th Paul (Visitor)


Longest Drive: Jeff Sibbald


Sunday 20th July 2014, Rosebud Country Club


Winner:                       Jeff Sibbald 35 points

Runner Up:                 Steve Anson 32 points

2nd Runner Up:           John Coleville 32 points


N.T.P.:                        4th Gary Gosling

                                    7th Jeff Sibbald

                                    11th Steve Anson

                                    13th John Coleville


Longest Drive: Joe McReady


Sunday 15th June 2014, Rosebud Park GC


Winner:                       Kevin Smith 38 points

Runner Up:                 Ross Anderson 35 points

2nd Runner Up:           Gary Victor 34 points


N.T.P.:                        3rd John Coleville

                                    6th Charlie Shaw

                                    11th Steve Anson

                                    17th Joe McReady


Longest Drive: Gary Gosling


Sunday 13th April 2014, Drouin GC

(2 man ambrose Stableford)

Winners:                     Steve Anson & Mike Burton        44 points

Runners Up                Andrew Rankin & Jeff Sibbald   43 points


N.T.P              3rd      Gary Victor

                        5th       Kevin Smith

                        13th     Gary Victor

                        16rd     Ross Anderson


Longest Drive:           4th Jeff Sibbald, 15th Matt Mulligan



Sunday 13th April 2014, Drouin GC

(1st Qualifying Club Championships)


Winners:                     John Coleville         35 points

                                    Steve Harrison        34 points

Bruce Stublety        34 points


N.T.P              14th     Tony Horvet

                        17th     Ken Smith

                        19th     Steve Harrison

                        23rd     Mark Baefell


Longest Drive:           Bob Mumford


Drive &Chip:  Tony Horvet


Sunday 16th March 2014, Flinders GC


Winners:                     Gary Gosling           44 points

                                    Charlie Shaw           41 points

John Coleville         40 points


N.T.P              9th        Joe McReady

                        12th     Steve Anson

                        14th     Mark Baefell


Longest Drive 6th:     John Coleville


Drive &Chipth:            Tony Horvet


Sunday 16th February 2014, Lang Lang


Sunday 19th January 2014, Mt. Martha


Winners:                     Jeff Sibbald             45 points

                                    Gary Gosling           41 points

                                    Charlie Shaw,

Andy Rankin,

Bruce Stubblety     40 points


N.T.P              3rd        Joe McReady

                        5th        Ross Anderson

                        13th     Rohan (vis)

                        16th     Tony Horvet


Longest Drive 7th:     Tony Horvet


Drive &Chip 9th:        Bruce Stubblety


Sunday 1st December 2013, Eagle Ridge



Sunday 10th November 2013, Rosebud CC


Winners:                     Steve Harrison        40 points

                                    Bruce Stubblety     33 points

                                    Charlie Shaw           31 points


N.T.P              4th        K Smith (vis)

                        8th        Matt Mulligan

                        11th     Peter McCall

                        13th     Bruce Stubblety


Longest Drive 18th:  Tony Horvet


Drive &Chip 9th:        John Coleville


Club Championship:

(6) Craig Oliver 1 up def.  (1) Mark Baeffel1

Sunday 20th October 2013, Patterson River CC


Winners:                     Steve Anson            36 points

                                    Jeff Sibbald             34 points

                                    Bob Mumford          33 points


N.T.P              2nd       K Smith (vis)

                        7th        Bruce Stubblety

                        12th     Steve Harrison

                        16th     Joe McReady


Longest Drive:           Steve Harrison


Drive &Chip:  8th       Matt Mulligan

                        6th        Steve Harrsion


Club Championship results

Mark Baeffel Won 3/2          5 Tony Horvet

            6 Craig Oliver Won 6/5          7 Steve Harrison


Sunday 15th  September 2013, Mt Martha


Winners:                     Matt Mulligan           42 points

                                    John Coleville         36 points

                                    Mike Burton             35 points


N.T.P              3rd        Mark Baefell

                        5th        Matt Mulligan

                        13th     John Coleville


Longest Drive:           Tony Horvet


Drive &Chip:  8th       Matt Mulligan

                        11th     Joe McCready


Club Championship results

1 Mark Baeffel Won 4/3       8 Charlie Shaw

            2 Jeff Sibbald                           7 Steve Harrison Won 2 up

3 Bruce Stubblety                     6 Craig Oliver Won 3/2

4 Steve Anson                          5 TonyHorvat Won 5/4

Sunday 11th  August 2013, Cape Shanck


Winners:                     Tony Horvet                       36 points

                                    Mark Baeffel            34 points

                                    Jeff Sibbald              33 points


N.T.P              3rd        S. Harrison

                        4th        C. Oliver

                        7th        C. Shaw

                        14th       J. Rankin

                        16th     R. Mcbride


Drive &Chip:              J. Coleville

Sunday 17th July 2013, Rosebud CC


Winner:          J Sibbald                36 points

                       B Stubblety            33 points

                       M Mulligan             32 points


L/Drive:         S Anson 


N.T.P.:            4th M Mulligan

                        7th C Oliver

                        12th J Mulligan

                        14th R Anderson


Drive &Chip:  n/a   

Sunday 16th June 2013, Safety Beach


Winner:           M Baeffel               38 points

                        S Anson                 37 points (C/B)

                        B Stubblety           37 points


L/Drive:         J McReady 


N.T.P.:             2nd G Gosling,

                        4th C Shawn,

                        6th J Coleville

                        13th T Horvet

                        17th R McBride.           


Drive &Chip:  n/a   

Sunday 19th May 2013, Pakenham


Winner:            S Anson                33 points

                         C Oliver                  32 points

                         M Mulligan             32 points

                         S Harrison             31 points


L/Drive:           Paul Gough


N.T.P.:             2nd T Horvet,

                        5th S Harrison,

                        8th C Oliver

                        14th T Fergus

                        16th J McReady.           


Drive &Chip:  Tony Horvet   

Sunday 15 April 2013, Mt. Martha


Winner:            R Mcbride                 48 points

                         P Gough                    38 points

                         C Shaw                      37points

                         M Baeffel                   37 points


L/Drive:           Glyn Jameson ( visitor )


N.T.P.:             3nd Joe McCready,

                        5th Matt Mulligan,

                       13th  16th Nobody.           


Drive &Chip:  Paul Gough    


Sunday 3rd March 2013, Drouin


Winner:             R Mcbride 34 points
Runner Up:       S Harrison 32 points
2nd R/U:           J Sibbald 31points


N.T.P                 2nd Charlie Shaw,

                          5th John Colevillw,

                          14th Matt Mulligan,

                          17th Nobody.

Drive & Chip:  Tony Horvet       Paul Gough

Sunday 20th January 2013, Mt. Martha (CCR 38)


Winner:                     Charlie Shaw 35 Points

R/U:                           Gary Gosling 34 Points


L/Drive:                     Mark Baeffel


N.T.P.:                        5th Matt Mulligan

                                   9th Mark Baeffel

                                  12th Norm (Visitor)

                                  15th Mark Baefell


Drive and Chip:       3rd Charlie Shaw

Sunday 20th January 2013, Mt. Martha (CCR 38)


Winner:                       Paul Gough 39 points

R/U:                             Craig Oliver c/b 38 points (Des Kucks)


Eagles Nest:              Paul Gough 1st


L/Drive:                       Ross Anderson


N.T.P.:                        3rd Matt Mulligan

                                    5th Jeff Sibbald

`                                   13th Paul Gough

                                    16th Mark Baefell


Drive and Chip:         8th Criag Oliver

2012 Annual Awards/Trophies:


Club Champion:                  Mark Baefell


Runner Up:                           Bruce Stubblety


Summer Cup Pairs:            Gavin Walsh & Peter McCall


Bobby Gardiner Trophy:     Mark Baefell


Winter Cup:                         Mark Baefell


Presidents Award:              Charlie Shaw – For his Culinary Feats!

                                              Des Kucks – Bar tender Extraordinaire!

2/12/2012  Eagle Ridge Country club


Comp: Royce Gott Ambrose Day


Winning Team:          Matt Mulligan

                                    Craig Oliver

                                    Paul Gough

                                    Rob Gough

                                    55½ Nett (H/Cap 8½)


Runners up:                Tony Horvet

                                    Mike Burton

                                    Bob Mumford

                                    Ross Anderson

                                    58½ Nett (H/Cap 13½)


N.T.P.:                        6th John Coleville

8th: Mick Gough

11th: Andy Rankin

17th: Des Kucks


Longest drive:            Matt Mulligan (3 Wood again!)

11/11/2012  Rosebud Country club


Comp: Final club championships


Winner (Stblfd)          Toney Horvet 34 points

Runner up                   Rob Gough 33 points

N.T.P                          4th “Gary” (Visitor)

8th: nup!

11th: Tony Horvet

14th: Paul Gough

Drive and Chip          9th: Toney Horvet

Longest drive             Matt Mulligan

14/10/2012  Rosebud Country club


Comp: Semi Finals club championships


Winner (Stblfd)          Des Kucks 29 points

Runner up                   Craig Oliver 26 points

N.T.P                          4th: Matt Mulligan,

8th: Tony Horvet

12th: Charlie Shaw

14th Tony Horvet

Drive and Chip          nup!

Longest drive             Matt Mulligan

16/9/2012  Drouin Golf and Country club


Comp: Final qualifying club championships/ final round winter cup


Winner                        Jeff Sibbald 35 points

Runner up                   Jim Rankin 29 points

N.T.P                          1st Nine Jeff Sibbald,

2nd Nine Gavin Walsh

Drive and Chip          Too Wet

Longest drive             Jim Rankin


12/8/2012  Patterson River Country club


Comp: Second qualifying club championships/ final round winter cup


Winner                        John Coleville 34 points

Runner up                   Gavin Walsh 32 points

N.T.P                          2nd Ross,


12th John,

16th too long

Drive and Chip          3rd Pete the handicapper

Longest drive             John Coleville (trophy hunter)

Sunday 22th July  2012, Mt. Martha(CCR --)


Winner:                       Charlie Shaw 37 points

R/U:                             Mark Baeffel c/b 37 points


L/Drive:                       Jeff Sibbald


N.T.P.:                        5th Gavin Walsh

                                    3rd Mark Baeffel

`                                   13th Mark Baeffel

                                    16th Tony Horvet


Drive and Chip:         8th Charlie Shaw

Sunday 17th June  2012, Lang Lang (CCR --)







N.T.P.:                        ,


Sunday 17th May  2012, Mt. Martha(CCR --)







N.T.P.:                        ,



Sunday 22nd April  2012, Devilbend (CCR --)


Winner:                       G. Walsh, 38 points

R/U:                             C. Shaw, 35 points


L/Drive:                       Mark Baeffel


N.T.P.:                        3rd:M Baeffel,

                                    13th:C. Shaw


Sunday 25th March  2012, Drouin (CCR 32)


Winner:                       M Baeffel, 35 points

R/U:                             B Stubletty, 32 points


L/Drive:                       Des Kucks


N.T.P.:                        14thB Stubletty,

                                    19thB Stubletty,

                                    23rd:M Baeffel


Sunday 19th February 2012, Flinders (CCR 36)



Winner:                       M. Baeffel, 38 points

R/U:                             J Coleville, 36 points

Third:                          T. Horvet 35 points


L/Drives:                     A Grade:  not won-,

                                    B Grade: Charlie Shaw


N.T.P.:                        12th D. Kucks,

                                    14th D. Kucks,

                                    17th:T. Horvet


Sunday 22nd January 2012, Mornington (CCR34)




Winner:                       Ken Smith, 37 points

R/U:                             Charlie shaw, 34 points


L/Drives:                     A Grade: -,

                                    B Grade: Mark Baefell,

                                    C Grade: M. Burton


Drive and Chip:         Tony Horvet


N.T.P.:                        7th B. Birch,

                                    7th -,

                                    10th: -,

                                    16th: Bob White


Sunday 4th December 2011, Eagle Ridge


Royce Gott Memorial Ambrose.


Winner:                       G. Gott, J. Coleville, R. Mumford & M. Burton

R/U                              C. Oliver, P. Gough, R. Gough & R. Hood


L/Drives:                     A Grade: P. Gough

                                    B Grade: M. Kelly

                                    C Grade: M. Burton


Drive and Chip:         13th G. Gott


N.T.P.:                        6th P. Gough,

                                    8th S. Harrison

                                    11th: G. Gott

                                    17th: Bob White

Sunday 13th November 2011, Rosebud


Multiple Stableford, Finals Club Championships.


(Click here for Championship Matches)


Winner:                       Charlie Shaw & Bruce Stublety, 67 pts

R/U                              Ross Anderson & Paul Gough, 58 points (cb)


L/Drives:                     A Grade: Matt Mulligan

                                    B Grade: Bob White

                                    C Grade: Ross Anderson


Drive and Chip:         14th Rob Gough


N.T.P.:                        4th Craig Oliver,

                                    8th Matt Mulligan

                                    11th: Not Won

                                    13th: Bob White

Sunday 16th October 2011, 7:00am, Mt. Martha


Stableford, Semi Finals Club Championships.


(Click here for Championship Matches)


Winner:                       Steve Harrison, 35 pts


L/Drives:                     A Grade: Rob Gough

                                    B Grade: John Coleville

                                    C Grade: Vic Cooper


Drive and Chip:         8th …


N.T.P.:                        3rd: Paul Diprose,

                                    5th: Jeff Sibbald

                                    14th: Mark Baefell &

                                    16th: Mark Baefell

Sunday 11th September 2011, 7:20am, Lang Lang


Stableford, Quarter Finals Club Championships.


(Click here for Championship Matches)


Winner:                       N/A


L/Drives:                     Wind blew the markers away!!


Drive and Chip:         None


N.T.P.:                        5thNone,


                                    12th:TBA &


Sunday 14th August 2011, 7:30am, Patterson River


Stableford, 3rd Qualifying Day Club Championships.


Winner:                       J. Coleville

R/Up:                          B. White

Third Place:               G. Walsh


L/Drives:                     A) S. Harrison, 

                                    B) J. Coleville &

                                    C) R. Anderson


Drive and Chip:         J. Coleville


N.T.P.:                        2ndM. Mulligan,

                                    7th:J. McCready,

                                    12th:A. Rankin &

                                    16th:J. Coleville

Sunday 24th July 2011, TRAFALGAR GC


Stableford, 2nd Qualifying Day Championships.


Winner:                       Rob Gough 36 points.

Runner Up:                 Russell Marriot (count back) 32 Points.

Third Place:               Craig Oliver


Longest Drive:           Rob Hood


Nearest the Pins:      5th: Steve Harrison,

                                    11th: Paul Gough

                                    13th:Paul Gough

                                    15th:Russell Marriot &

                                    Third Shot NTP: Rob Hood